Hello! My name is Tyler Kotila and I am 18 years old. I am from Michigan but currently attending Miami University in Oxford Ohio. Here I am currently in the first year of a Sports Leadership and Management Program. where I am looking to get a Bachelor's degree in Sports Leadership and Management and hopefully move into a Master's Program of some sorts.


Besides schooling, baseball is my passion, I would have to say I have an inevitable love for the game of baseball from multiple aspects. I love to be able to enjoy baseball in multiple forms, from the perspectives of the average fan rooting for certain teams, even from the vantage point of the "baseball nerd", and analyzing statistics and team data. I have become a larger fan of sabermetrics as I have gotten older and learned more about these advanced statistics and have been able to research the game from that point of view.


I am just a freshman in college, who loves watching, playing, writing about, analyzing, scouting, or even just talking about baseball. I created this website to create a better avenue to put my own content out there for people to enjoy!


Now that I've introduced myself and introduced my passion for the game of baseball, let's talk about some of the things that I do within this great sport...


I am a sports journalist for Def Pen Sports under the Major League Baseball page where I cover things that happen such as free agency, trades, all-star games, major injuries, etc. I also publish original content for stories that are more expanded where I can do my research and talk about things within the game of baseball. Topics of original content can range anywhere from something like a teams success like the Boston Red Sox in 2018 or the Oakland Athletics being a very underrated ballclub in the 2018 season. I am beyond thankful for Rob Lopez at Def Pen getting me into this field and acclimated to the industry, giving me the chance to learn and grow within sports journalism. I can honestly say the experiences I have had would not be the same without the opportunity I was given to contribute to Def Pen Sports.


I am a student manager for the Miami University Varsity Baseball team, I can honestly say that even though I've only been a manager for the 2018 fall semester since I am a freshman, I absolutely love the atmosphere that the Miami Redhawks Baseball team provides. I feel included with the team as a manager, the players and coaches know who I am and acknowledge me which is a great feeling to be a part of this amazing group of guys. We have an amazing coaching staff that really helps our players develop as well as keep a great mindset for the baseball program here.(Shoutout to our amazing staff of  Coach Hayden, Coach Dedman, Coach Passauer, Coach Forney, Coach McKinney and of course "Coach" Texidor) I love being able to not only gain amazing experiences by helping out with the team but also being able to help the team win in any way possible since I am unable to play for them. My fellow manager Zorian Schiffman told me that, and it is something I have begun to really embody and try my best to help the team as much as they can, so come spring we can produce the best ballclub and win the most ballgames possible.


I have also begun to explore the idea of creating a podcast. I have kicked the idea around in my head for the past couple of years but I never turned the idea into a reality. My friend David Kwiatkowski here at Miami has started his own podcast, "Lyrical Thoughts" which can be heard on SoundCloud, and it may not be about baseball but David helped me get around to actually making this thought turn into something that I can actually produce. The very first podcast that I have put out there was talking about the "Ethical Debate of PED use in Major League Baseball" which was actually made for an English project based off an argumentative formal essay I wrote about the same topic. The guest was none other than my father, Russ Kotila,  who grew up during the "steroid era" and was able to relate to watching these steroid users, and it was just a great opportunity that I have finally been able to pursue. Being able to make this idea actually turn into real content opened up a whole new avenue for me that I cannot wait to continue and see where it goes and be able to love the experiences that it can provide me.




This website is something else that I came up with that allows me to connect with people and also provide an easy access route to all the content that I publish for everyone. I look forward to connecting with people and learning from everyone and just being able to gain even more skills and experience by having an easier way to view, read, listen, and interact with the content that I am able to put out there for everyone.






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I am always excited to hear feedback from anyone, so feel free to fill out the information below and leave any feedback you'd like.



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